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...Big Boobed, Dominant Mistresses dressed in Latex...

Added 3 of June 2014

Besschadny barbaric Baroness Beatrice Godunov from New York clothed in pants and boots dominates loser Markus Kikabidze from Grodno in bedroom

Added 19 of April 2014

The slave is tested on his anal capacity, strung up so he can offer no resistance, the Mistress tests him with various dildos, before using her strapon and then plunging her fingers deep inside him

Added 14 of April 2014

Mistress Adelaide is wearing some very special heels which need some very special attention

Added 26 of February 2014 :

Very good gallery where 2 Mistresses fuck male slave's ass from 2 sides. great Mistresses and really great tits they have - look at the picture number 16 - the photo catched very interesting tits (konus) of the Mistress in the left side of the photo.

Added 24 of February 2014 :

Hmm... these tits look fake for me, don't know. maybe they are real, natural.Maybe not. Tatoo is natural. Pussy also didn't change. Real she blonde or not we can't know - for this we must see her pussy hair..

Added 22 of February 2014 :

Best boobs must not be big - they also coud be small, not? Some people like big, some people like small, some people like no boobs but big dick, but it is not about femdom :)

Added 21 of February 2014 :

Startde from facesitting and pussy worship, slave's tongue moves to lick an ass of his Mistress. She uses his dick for her pleasure and after that already SHE fucks him with strapon.
We can see her good tits (I'm not sure the tits are natural, but anyway)...

Added 20 of Feb 2014:

This Mistress has no big tis, but her tits are perfect (imho). She fucks a guy with strapon and makes him happy -

Added 19 of Febr 2000014 :
Domme with beautiful tits dominates male slave. I love her tits. He doesn't like her strapon... What I can say? Everything has pluses and minuses... :

Added 18 of February 2014 :

Mistress with very big boobs tits breasts dominate slave and fucks his ass -

Added 17 of February 2014 :

Beautiful woman with tits dominates her slave in her bedroom, orders to worship her ass and pussy and sits on his face...

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